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Having a Washington State DUI Charge Dismissed

Contrary to what many believe, getting a Washington State DUI charge dismissed is not impossible, it may be possible in your case. Typically, experienced DUI defense lawyers earned a record number of dismissals of charges against their clients.

How do we do it?  We leave no stone unturned to find the thread that will unravel the prosecution’s case.

  • Did the officer unlawfully contact the client? 
  • Did the officer unlawfully arrest the client without probable cause?
  • Did the officer administer and/or score the field sobriety tests incorrectly?
  • Did the breath-testing equipment malfunction, or was it not in proper working order, or did it provide an inaccurate, unreliable result? 
  • Was the officer who administered the breath test properly trained and certified to administer the test?
  • Is there a problem for the prosecution in proving the client was driving?
  • Was the charge filed in the wrong jurisdiction? 
  • Is there insufficient evidence to prove every element of the crime of DUI beyond a reasonable doubt?
  • Has there been misconduct by the law enforcement officer or the prosecutor on the client’s case?

These are merely a few examples of the numerous issues we examine in our investigation of every DUI case we handle. Each case differs, thus the reasons for dismissal in any given DUI case vary and the possibilities that can lead to an excellent result are virtually endless.

One thing is for sure—only a DUI lawyer will fight for dismissal or acquittal when a case cannot be proven—while many lawyers would advise the person to take a plea-bargain.  Not every DUI case is a candidate for dismissal, and sometimes a plea bargain is appropriate. What is important is that your lawyer knows the difference—and knows when to hold out for dismissal or to take the case to trial.

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